Open Projects

Here we list a number of web sites or web related projects we are currently working on or are continuing to monitor for a client. Please feel free to browse them and leave comments here on this page about any of them if you feel so inclined.

  • The US branch of the below company. The site is well on its way as of this writing. Discussions are being held with the owners to finalise the product range that will be offered for sale on the new eShop.
  • A tea and coffee merchants home shop-site that Awen Inspired has helped to better optimise for web content. It is only about half done as yet, you can see the new content work most clearly in the “Coffee” section. Regardless they carry a superb range of Teas and coffees and are striving to break into the American market.
  • A site where looking into these beautiful and relaxing additions to your home or garden. She further discusses the practical merits of owning them and explores other Solar powered household products from a fresh perspective.
  • A reviews site for this often underestimated automotive gadget. The pro’s and con’s of the various models are discussed and links provided to where the best deals can be found on the Internet.
  • A proposed eShop site for the advertising and sale of coloured and black and white engravings salvaged from antique literature. The domain has been registered and the shell of the site put up but the process of scanning and uploading the individual pictures of the prints is still underway by the site owners, so nothing is live as of yet.
  • A site for the modern age! Can geeks be sexy? Is it romantic to date across the net at all? Can it work out? All these questions will be addressed as two lovers share their own personal testimony and offer some practical helps for those who feel they can communicate online better than in person.

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