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Back to work in the New Year

Stressmass has come and gone at last and after sitting down with the good lady and paying off the bills thoughts turn (as they must) to earning a crust again.

Thinking of promoting our Ad campaign expertise this time around as an opener. I guess the first thing you always have to sell when attracting customers is oneself, so I think over the next few days I had best focus on seeing the current opportunities available in online advertising. Making sure my skills are fully up to date and perhaps set up an online campaign for us next.

We shall see. Happy new year everyone!

Sticky: Underway at last

Its amazing really. I had not thought that one of the Last things I’d do is set up our own home page/site!?

But the thing is working on lets see, four web projects simultaneously with a fifth waving at me for more attention didn’t leave much time for this! Still this is the basic site put together and I can work on it a bit more as we go along.

Whee! what a ride!